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Los Angeles Waves Netball ~ What is Netball?

Netball is a non-contact team sport typically referred to as the “ladies version” of basketball. But don’t be fooled because netball is a fast-paced and skillful game. Netball is played on a similar size court to basketball. And like basketball the aim is the shoot more goals than the opposition team. This is where the similarities end. Some key differences to basketball are:

    * 7 players can take the court at any one time.

   * Players have a specific position (marked on bibs), each being restricted to a certain area of the court.

   * No backboard on the goal hoop

    * The ball is smaller and lighter than a basketball

   * Players may not run with or dribble the ball

   * Players can only hold the ball for 3 seconds before passing

   * No bodily contact with any opposing player. A contact results in a penalty and may result in a turnover.

   * Opposition players must be at least 3 feet from the player with the ball. An obstruction (inside 3 feet) results in a penalty.

   * Only 2 of the 7 players may shoot a goal (Goal Attack and Goal Shooter)

   * Goals may only be shot from within the semicircle around the posts

   * Each goal is worth 1 point

   * Play starts with a center pass with players in their starting positions in the diagram below.

   * After each goal, play re-starts with a center pass alternating regardless of the team that scored the last goal. The red team is attacking in the direction of the red arrow and the black team is attacking in the direction of the black arrow.